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12 hunna – intro (nobody 2) lyrics


what up, man? it’s your boy 12 million man
checking in live from a mothaf-cking mansion
n0body 2 drops december 12, 2015
n0body 1 dropped a 120,000 dollars ago, you know
you know this sh-t, i only been making beats for 3 years too, sh-t
i know lot of my friends done this sh-t they whole life
i had to separate myself from everybody, even the folks in my crib
want to take it to the next level, y’all ain’t just can’t get to it
i was just making a piece on my motherf-cking 300 dollar computer, you know
now i’ll be in all type of million dollar studio going
i know you all grow up listening to the same sh-t
kanye west, lil wayne, wiz khalifa and all that sh-t
i got something better than all them n-ggas
but sh-t, you know i ain’t no different than y’all sh-t
i just use my head under my feet