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12 step rebels – skinwalkers lyrics


the darkness seemed to spread on and on forever, as i headed for the lights of a small new mexican town. all the people were inside, the doors were locked., a virtual ghost town. i got a creepy feeling that something was watching me.

that’s when i noticed him, an old navajo man. and he spoke to me. he said that, “they’re already here.”

he said that, “they’re coming. coming nearer. can’t you feel them? they’re coming closer, they’re already here.” the skinwalkers

i watched him scurry into his hole, as i wondered over things that he had screamed to me. could these legends be true that i heard when i was a kid? navajo were-creatures roaming the night.

and then i felt it again. something watching me from the woods. could it be them? and as i ran. i remembered what he said.

as i got to my car covered in filth and drenched in my own sweat, the old man’s words echoed throughout my mind-and i wondere…