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12 trucks – winter dreams lyrics


[verse 1]
chillin in the hotel with the groupies
got a white b-tch and she suck me in the movies
i don’t know why they snoozing
hop up in the foreign hit the gas and we’re cruising (yeah we cruisin)
smokin gas never losing
yo b-tch hit me up and she ask me “what you doing?” (say wyd)
i said baby i been busy
i don’t know what i took that made me this dizzy

i know that you said you wanna be all alone
but i’d rather be here than talking on the phone
sometimes i don’t think that i am okay
so i buy me some shoes to take the pain away
tell me what’s wrong even though i don’t care (i don’t care)
but call me, anytime, and i’ll be there
(cuz i’ll be there)

[verse 2]
got me all tied up like a noose
hit it from the back aye she call me the caboose yeah
every thursday in the booth
doin this sh-t it’s the truth
yeah we do it for the youth (yeah)
yeah we do it for the crew
doin it for us yeah i’m doing it for you
putting ice all over you (yeah)
ice all on my neck (yeah)
ice it be so blue (yeah)
i just spent a check