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120 light bulbs – i hate the day lyrics


i wake up look out the window and i think what a sh-ty day it’s raining and pouring. i get dressed check my phone another rapper dead and i think i hate the f-cking day. i have to go to work i have to socialize

come back home i sit on the couch for 3 hours until one of my friends texts me and asks me if you want to come to the party. so i party all night i wake up on the floor god how i hate the day

then i do it again till sat-rday. then i stay in all the weekend the sun has to shine bright as h-ll to make me feel guilty. the joggers outside have to run right outside my house it makes me feel bad about my body god how i hate the day

now the weekends over have to go threw again waiting for someone to save me, god, how i hate the day. (x2)