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12012 – call me lyrics


hold me,call me,kiss me,kill me . i need you

please tell me how the dream goes on . i’m sure it’s a
brilliant story.
you always try to look strong . you’re lonely . you’re
scared .
a solitary star .

ah,swallowing my breath . i’m calling out to you , so
ah,the petals of silence and reality flutter .

hold me,call me,kiss me,kill me . i need you

even if i’m sad and wretched . it blooms gloriously in
this suffering heart .
call me right now .

i pretended not to notice . a morning glory pushing
forth a bud .
a sigh in the stabbing afternoon sunlight .
the sad flower , staring into my face .
is telling me words .

ah,i’m fading away . i’m growning dim . this resignated
me .
ah,i’m withering away without a sound . my sin and
voice resound .
i’m not coming back anymore . i’m not turning back .
stop this . sad eyes and flowers .

hold me,call me,kiss me,kill me . i need you

don’t tell me the meaning of “goodbuy” yet . i don’t
want to hear it .
i just want to submerge in the starry night and this
sky .
repeating every day this sin without redemption .
i just realized something important .