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122 stab wounds – the deity of perversion lyrics


burning temptation, l-st turned to rage
soon ending your life
feel the cold steel pierce your neck
preparing you for the dead

blood stains, broken gl-ss
writhing in pain, slowly fading away
ending my suffering…
…this virgin is a wh-r-

god of perversion, god of desire
discovering ancient pleasures of flesh
blood from the open wounds
bathe and lubricate me in
on the seventh night
denial of the light
unheavenly sacrifice
incantation revelation
blood is life, the heart of life
essence of death…
servant of the perverse am i
blindly devoted to thee

released a long time ago
the demon inside me
re-embarking my path
soothing my soul
an object in my control

enraptured by the sight…
…of naked flesh
this body which i possess
no one can stop this fire
stroking the skin of the dead
i fondle your br–sts
a feeling of power…
…in each caress

at one again, but not complete
pain still linger…
blade to wrists, blood exit
drained of life
time expire
welcoming death
the deity’s fulfilled