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1221 – goin’ up lyrics


[chorus] (1221)

give me the bag, give me the bag, n+ggas mad, we came for the bag, stack that cash, stack that cash

n+ggas mad that im goin up, n+ggas mad that i stack my cash (2x)


[verse] (1221)

n+ggas mad that i’m goin up, n+ggas mad that i stack my cash, n+ggas mad that i flip that sh+t, and make a couple more bags

yeah you cannot do it like me, cause i work at my pace, and i’m that grind everyday, to meet that paper chase

i move different, cause i’m tryna pave the way for little kids, coming up behind me, cause i’m goin’ up, if you like it or not, i’m goin’ up

n+gga check the books, cause no one does like me, it ain’t in the books

i have m+th+f+ckas shook when i rock on the mic, n+ggas don’t see no 16 year old do it like me, like i rock the mic

and if you got a problem with what i said, it’s on sight, stomp ya head in with some timb

boots, oops

my bad i let my mouth loose, i didn’t mean to let my mouth loose, when i do, all h+ll breaks loose
but not looser, then an old man in some soggy ass shoes

all i’m tryna say is that we’re goin’ up, there’s nothing you can say to us

[chorus] (1221)

give me the bag, give me the bag, n+ggas mad, we came for the bag, stack that, stack that cash

n+ggas mad that im goin up, n+ggas mad that i stack my cash (2x)


[verse] (nin9t99n)

i’m just going up in this f+cking society
y’all are falling behind, might wanna check your sobriety

this is just the beginning cause i got h+lla variety
people hit my line trying get some sh+t
always wanna reap my benefit

in this music sh+t forever, never gonna quit
always had a passion even since a jit

see my true emotions in the lyrics that i spit
when i get up on the mic you hear my every whit
got a passion and a dream, i ain’t leaving anyone behind cause i’m with the whole team

giving back to the world, sewing all the problems at their seams
watching my homie’s backs cause the ops got a scheme

in the whip switching gears like my every flow

watching out for my bros, always with the save

incognita enérgeia, i’m with my homie’s to the grave