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123 trunko – tete lyrics


[intro: shampoo and lil juice]
tay keith f-ck these n-ggas up
yeah yeah, me and my bro

[verse] shampoo minion
yeah, shampoo minion heard the train
where’s spain?
you have growth pain
when you a kid
tay keith
t–th yeah ay
trunko, lunko, lumpo, lumpadumpa
chunks, i eaten chunks of tuna, with some banana soup
banana soup whatever you call it
he scored it. me and trunks he has all the sh-t
it’s lit me and trunko let’s get rich the wind a pirate
not quite yeah trunks turn

[verse 2] trunko
yo its me trunks, i’ve used burning attack on frieza
and cut him yeah. and he die yeah
yo its me trunks i’m trunks i eat tuna
chunks of tuna jimmy. idk lyric
got squirtle with us (yeah)
got everyone here
yeah it’s trunko your favorite (favourite uk)
yeah aye aye x3