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12teen lyrics lyrics


written by 12teen produced by ay fast

don’t neva evva say 12teen (12teen)
just cause i ain’t with you, don’t mean i’m out to get you/
you get hurt don’t neva say 12teen (12teen)
in the streets we might nab you, home alone we just might (hi mommy)/ don’t neva evva say 12teen (12teen)
i ain’t gonna hit you, but i got the pistol (hi mommy)/
don’t neva evva say 12teen (12teen)


the definition of 12teen, is stewie vs the brain/ today’s plan is the same/ on that corner servin’ up grains makin’ that change/
rolling blunts with angel dust a little bit of cocaine/ off the chain/
you ain’t even in our lane/ hit the studio and spit flames/ peeping game through sniper aim (pow)

[hook] don’t neva evva say 12teen (12teen)

[verse 2]

might be small, think sh-t sweet/ introduce your face to mr.concrete/ beat so deep broad wet her seat/ pop that heat jump out your seat/
odds evens, you choose, whatever it is it’s still 1-2/ f-ck worry about who is who/stop try’nah figure (?) crew/
i’m so confident i’ll hit a b-tch/ sh-t get real i’ll quit a b-tch/ sh-t get real i’ll shoot a b-tch/ even more real–(hi mommy)-and it will fit/ know what i’m sayin’, i’m just playin”/ she called me n-gga we just cos-playin’/
(don’t neva evva say) why ya’ll hatein’/ is you satan/ heard one song and made a blanket statement antic-p-ting my speculation/
that’s why you sittin’ at home m-st-rbatin’/ and your f-ckin’ girl i’m suffocatin’/

[hook] just cause i ain’t with you, don’t mean i’m out to get you, you get hurt don’t evva say 12teen

i met this cougar chick who took me home/ because of the name she thought she was alone/ but she ain’t know i ran with a team/ and now (hi mommy) by 12teen/ you should neva evva mess with 12teen

hi mommy, i’m home, i told you i was comin this year
i don’t look the best–but i’m home
i got a hair cut, i love you mommy ( i love you too–the protocol son has ?)
oh god mommy (?) got me looking as good as i can–
yes mother i love you

(fade out)