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12teen – h.a.m. n’ c.h.e.e.s.e. lyrics


smoke some crack and write a rap/ high pitch voice for sho’/ it’s rodamez raheem not quasimoto/ but i do drop rhymes, like words in mad lib lines/ yo the scene get graphic autograph it with nines/ it was written in cursive/ slang bang and cursin’/ snot nose rascals chain snatchin’ purses/ then flip the bag and pawn it off to a porn star/ make it rain hoes soak it up like it’s spongebob/
move straight switch up to snatch the crown is the pawns job/ and crush competition daily/
in the cloud crowded/ man, my team been bout’it/since p shouted/ ughhhh/ while now gen stay givin’ hoes the wookin pa nuuuu/ sa da tay, runny kine sine your pitty/
cloudcrowd all about broads with big tittes/ semi-pretty/ not that witty/ got shit on lock borrowed keys from irs-diddy/
like heathcliff when it’s time to scr-p/ the bad broads leave i leave with the scr-ps/ always got the roscoe intact/ it’s new cats you should face the fact/
12teen feel the street impact/ like hitler parade and farrakhan surprise the stage/ sweatshop kids don’t get paid/
just some lil’niggas that’s quick to misbehave/ so run it!/ and you ain’t never had the heat this close to your stomach/ and you ain’t never been this close to raheem you love it/
so fuck it/ and since you so hype, put the gun on safety/ and if you want a picture you got to pay me/
politicin’ sellin’ krills tongue kissin babies/ soundtrack so 80’s it’s gravy/ i might have scabies/ never really been p-c/
while ya’ll niggas goin ham i went ham and cheese