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12teen – hugs lyrics


something in the air got head in the clouds/ something in these pills got me movin’ my bowels/ today is exciting, felling so exciting/

you could catch me at the club/ but i’m not dancin’ i’m buyin’ drugs/ whatever you fancy (whatever you fancy)/ if you want wax well i got stacks/ now we at the club d-j spinnin’ that wax/ n-gg- f-ck your i-phone, your favorites/ your playlist/ motherf-cka i hate it/ i got my walkman, i’m on my tape shit/ sungl-sses on so you can’t see my eye lids/ i’m so high got my settings on private

this is that kit cloudkicker cloudcrowd head in the clouds/ something in these pills got me movin my bowels/ p-ssy moon-shine the room spinnin’ around/ and the smell coming off me like i’m movin’ the crowd/ and speakin’ of rakim that’s in my tape deck/ but before i jet/ can i b-m a cigarette/ it’s raheem i don’t really get that deep often/ but if i do it’s just the drugs talkin, and now the drugs are talkin/

you could catch me at the club (it’s just something bout the club), but i’m not dancin’ i got a prescription/ (and while i’m here) i’m stabbin’ white women/ o-j simpson/ getaway bronco/ horse ridin’ tonto/ h-ll if i know/ we in sacramento/ west californo/ horizontal/ i’m losing brain cells…

going through a drought/ everybody out/ if i make it rain/ will that ease the pain/ instagram got me jerkin’ off on the train/ little dude so confused/ sit home depressed only eight views on youtube/ so stressed to get approved by twitter/ but it’s rodamez raheem, 12teen, it’s cool if ya’ll don’t really like ah ni–