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12th of never – half time / full time lyrics


when i was younger back in the glory days
there was a guy who new me best
he wasn’t always there for me
but he took the time to listen to me
i didn’t play the game
i didn’t always sit down for my tea

so its gets harder every day we live
he might be scared of the pain he saw
but just take it with a pinch of salt
the eyes to the world will set you free
am just gald it changed for me?

we call him mr aeroplane man
he fly’s straight to are hearts never gave up the journey of life.
its half time and the jury’s out
which way is my life going to go?
mr aeroplane man guides me there
without a wall in site

mr aeroplane man
mr aeroplane man
we take on the chin
we didn’t mean to be that silly
mr aeroplane man
we want to be with you
he’s just a regular guy like you and me now
o mr aeroplane man

full time the score is a draw
cos mr aeroplane man ran the game of life to me
o mr aeroplane man
we love you
and you no it’s true.