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13 candles – carmille (addiction) lyrics


i see scars on my body
i see scars in my heart
i should never have trusted
you survive on blood

i thought you were a friend
i thought you were a lover
i was soon to discover
carmille, you’re a killer

but my need for you grows stronger
like a man possessed i need her
i am under your spell
i await the night

a change in me i cannot understand
i despise sunlight
i sleep all day and live for the night
i love the sight of blood

carmille what have you done to me?
what have i become?
what are you to not like the sun?
you cower from the cross

my pupils turn red
my nails grow longer
my teeth longer and stronger
am i now one of the living dead?

carmille what have you done to me?
through my own eyes i cannot see
please help me carmille
i need you