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13 god – death major lyrics


you can’t take the eat out of death,
that spelling is fixed, sure as day on the skeleton sets
both are forever at your neck
it’s a
it’s an eat on us
then will they so simply slip you, they
to the improved mutes and slave stakes in the king’s bed
left only waged your once infant neck half-hugging the work blades one way embrace (release death)

your head lead off into that last capture
and then replanted in the bed of upper cl-ss laughter
where in it is never picked nor tended to
only left to a decade of death uneven under dispersed last slay of all seasons

and you (you are singular)
yet in you still, all day has resulted
and you (you are singular)
it’s perhaps pride of all pulses
yet (you are singular) (you are singular)
yet you (you are singular)
yet you get no god to guard your back against the maggots loose
you got no-one ape
you owe all that bone structure too
your weather moulded evolved your meaning of life long divided by day is to die soft
this means
this means terrible things to those who cherish their bed
who think in flames
safe in their beliefs (the led) that no river ever ends
that the sun and moon are simply miscommon in the dark and light crossed honest
for they give you no pain
big sleep will certainly cure you of this gift
in it’s body ridden brutal business
to what’s motherlessness
or to be bent born at all
a belly set flame
top the genetic tinder
a surname born and burned in doubts adjoining
and over from egg
into evening day
locking arms across and ending definite
like opening a jar full of weather

this will only work once
(you are)
only only once
only only once
(you are)
only only once
(you you you you are)
only only only once
(you you are singular)

when single odds at the wall like border lines reproduce not to go for go made to change to reduced you forgetting its pulse and all you a hard wood otherwise speechless
or perhaps they would like to promise to feed them
t-t-t-took the time to break cops code and meet them at the full on all your yoke
you wouldn’t do you good to be that good help when doctors disprove about yourself
to never recall at all that the fetus did name your p-n-s in fame
solve the little path to your whooping luck d-d-did t-t-to have that heart attack

so you don’t never did see burst in sun light did where
winter blows your windows shut
you see lies you live

all one wants is to be missed
to throw no flag
but see all american punches, posing and poetry

dont regret, at your car wreck
throwing up at the teething everything of death

i have nothing to give you but these days
i am broken stone that’ll waste nor death
teeth behind kisses
nothing rhymes with death