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13 – what it means to be a friend lyrics


a friend’s not a cheap little phony creep
or a jerk trying to make a deal
a friend is a person who, most of all
cares about what you feel;
and nothing is harder
than learning a friend isn’t real

a friend sends notes back and forth all day
and doesn’t care that you can’t spell
a friend knows you’ve got a crush on your teacher
but a friend would never tell
a friend’s outside waiting
the minute you both hear the bell

and if your heart is always breaking
cause the world is just not fair
when you’re at your worst
your friend’s the first one there
giving you something to lean on
and that’s what it means to be a friend

a friend won’t smoke when she’s in your room
or laugh at the poems you write
a friend won’t go start kissing your brother
the minute that you’re out of sight
a friend is the person
you call sixteen times every night

and if your heart is always breaking
and you want to run and hide
when your hope is gone
your friend is on your side

if someone moves in ‘round the corner
and you want to show him you care
so you give him all your last month of vacation
and all of the time you can spare
but then, on the first day of cl-sses
he acts like you’re not even there
then he doesn’t know’
he doesn’t know!
he’ll never know what it means
to be a friend