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13 to the gallows – desert screams lyrics


“desert screams”

wasted again don’t wanna call no friends
to find a place to rest my bones
wasted away don’t think i’d like to stay
for that father’s calling me back home

heaven’s not comin for a while
and that black smoke is rollin through the trees
out here in the desert there’s no one to hear your screams

got some cloths and different color hair
why are you coming to this bar
i’ll follow you out your drunk there’s no doubt
i gotta shovel in the back of my car


see it in your eyes still the same old lies
adios and fare the well
go on and cry for me there’s no one to see
and i know that you’ll burn in h-ll

chorus 2
some poor fools gunna save my soul
and i’ll repent for the day i die
there i’ll be swinging from a tree
and in the end you’ll see me smile