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13 to the gallows – where the wind blows lyrics


“where the wind blows”

maybe i’ll pack up my things and get the h-ll out of this place
maybe i’ll jump in my truck and leave without a trace
maybe i’ll write a little note so no one would cry for me
and that’s the way it should be

chorus (2x)
wherever the wind may blow
i know that i’ll be welcome
wherever the wind may blow

then i’ll head up to winslow i heard the weather’s nice this time of year
then head up to wyoming, find myself a wife
maybe settle down for a little while till i find out who she really is
i’ll hit the road, she can keep the kids

(chorus) 2x

makin my way to san anton before i find my way back home
home… where i know i’ll never be alone
but when the stress of life seems to get the upper hand
i close my eyes and let the breeze take me away

(chorus) 2x