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1300 x bet – twin towers lyrics


[intro + atm]
who the f+ck is on the phone still
bih, yeah!
let’s go

[hook + atm]
mcflurry my stone my wrist so cold rose gold how it dipped, yeah
bad b+tch slim thick big tits so wild she swallow my kids
surfing my wave but claiming it’s yours you capping so hard need a lid
speeding fast in a 911 i got two twins in the vip

[verse 1 + atm]
it’s 1300 we the hardest ni++as on god to pull up to yo crib
i’m debating to quit cuz i’m getting too good for these rappers they know they my kids
nah, yeah but why you still rap
you got 200 in yo pocket lil p+ssy still claim that he smoke out the trap
they opinion will never be facts
69 in my pocket like rats drop the top at the stop and i go yeah
f+ck around put my shawty on snap just to let all the others ones know
in the north so i keep that pole
white stars on the roof of the ghost
why lil shawty always tryna do the most
my b+tch so bad i gotta boast
sky dweller i’m in santa monica
in a bentley bentayga my feet on some prada
flow every time but no this not no shotta
been in that red i know i got a lotta
no giving hangouts i’m saying de nada
surf my wave and then drown (uh huh)
didn’t i tell y’all already y’all finna surf my wave and then drown

[verse 2 + finesse]
hitting this gas for no reason, im already high as h+ll
got woods in rotation every window seal is sealed
surrounded by smoke our oxygen gets thinner
just like a beginner, we gone take it slow
she feeling my vibe if it’s high or it’s low
she know what i know, got drugs on the low
burberry lined coat, lets lay in the snow
she whispers in my ear tell me where to go
i ain’t letting an influence into my life to road block the clear path that i paved
that’s a vivid image everyone tryna get it but dawg the long prophecies already made
diversity, rage
in cold walking down in the rain
but shawty know 1300 smart but shooting for fame
everyone i got is family from birth to the grave, pain
yeah, blue strips ‘round each one my bills
got the cash up on me, 1300 got 3, we got shooters geared up in the field
got a bezel on me, panamera 4 seats, enjoy the scenery, take a pill drift at sea
when i pull up i’m gonna make it known i’m coming aggressive k!lling anyone in the thrown
an empire i own

[verse 3 + distress]
slimmy like jimmy my pockets stay fat like the benjies within them okay
my limo be tinted with leather all in it i park at the back of the place
i don’t make the money, makes itself
i probably got better things to do myself
more knowledge in my brain i got the greater wealth
no problem wit the lane i’m in, don’t trick your self
you don’t know what i been through to get to this end zone
this my movie i make it live and eventful
i sneezed out my t++th put in gold at the dental
like roddy ricch i come in cold wit the intro
got crisp cut diamonds hanging on my neck
keep shining like the lights up on the stage what’s next
i been so pressed, new whip so fresh
finessed this track distressed i am

[hook + atm]
mcflurry my stone my wrist so cold rose gold how it dipped, yeah
bad b+tch slim thick big tits so wild she swallow my kids
surfing my wave but claiming it’s yours you capping so hard need a lid
speeding fast in a 911 i got two twins in the vip

[verse 4 + all]
i bring out that iron
dye in our hair and the kids we inspire
i f+ck with my slimes and my slatts and my spiders
we climb to the top just to get a lil higher
black widow whip, red interior match the bottom of the louboutins guess i’m gifted
i got rick owens sweater and givenchy right under and right on my feet i got simmons
yeah hermès the taste keep the belt on my waist all these ni++a joking ‘cuz they keep it two faced
yeah, watch me ride in that wraith, bullets hit you like a beats 808
we got a full vault of good songs feel like uzi not dropping eternal atake, oh what more should it take
i put in my all but the smoke dissipate, yeah