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13killings – the dreamer dreams, and the end begins lyrics


come on, follow me now, you’ve got to see this for yourself.
empty out the bullsh-t you have learned to make room for the truth you must obtain. i think your ready now, just trust your heart.

you never would believe
so i had to show you so now you’d see
they’ll all make believe
that our world will live forever and so will they…

sleeping, i travel around the world while laying in my bed paralyzed, so i listen carefully to everything he says
cause he knows and he shows the future just as i’ve imagined it would be.

fire, smoke, eruptions. the world will never be the same

so i see all… it happens, right before my eyes.
i try to explain it until i am discuised
but you be able to save your family and friends. cause we’re coming to an end, and you’ll realize when your dead.

they’d all just laugh and say what they want, but i know the thuth and so do you. let’s go away for now, just take me from here please. take me away.
the less that you think and know the happier you might be. but your life caused your death.
come on you gotta believe me. this wasn’t a f-cking dream.
cause it’s happening tonight.
come on you gotta believe me. this wasn’t a f-cking dream.
cause it’s happening right now.

the grounds are shaking, i try to move my legs to run for safety, if there is such a place. the waters rising. you find it hard to breathe? we’re all collapsing.
now you see what i am talking about.
don’t you? see i’m not making it up… oh god no.
now you see what i’ve been talking about.
do you believe me now? now you’ll blame yourself!

you believe everybody so beleive me, we are the ones that will not be alive.
you believed everybody so believe me. just don’t deny me and believe the words that i say no one will ever f-cking doubt me.
no one will ever f-cking doubt me…