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13kreuzx – outro (merry xmas) lyrics



hold it right there
it’s me johnny
i knew it was you
i could smell ya getting of the elevator
it’s gardenias johnny
your favourite
you was here last night too, wasn’t ya?
i was singing at the blue monkey last night
you was here
and you was smooching with my brother
don’t give me that
you been smooching with everybody
snuffy, al, leo…little moe with the gimpy leg
cheeks, boney bob, cliff…
i could go on forever baby
you have me all wrong
all right, i believe you
but my tommy gun don’t

get down on your knees and tell me you love me
baby! i’m over the moon for you
you gotta do better than that
if my love was an ocean
lindy’d have to take 2 airplanes to get across it
maybe i’m off my hinges
but i believe you
that’s why i’m gonna let you go
i’m gonna give you till the count of three…
to get your lousy…lying…lowdown, four-flushing carcas out my door
one! two!
merry christmas you filthy animal and a happy new year