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13th draft – the unnamed melody of my heart lyrics


artificial eyes, full of satisfaction!
braided hand are joined with lies.
cold lips, don’t know the taste of temptation!
p-ssion, graved in dead hearts!
some days it looked like theirs love was made to be broken.
he knew his heart would fall.
she escaped so many times just to come back, but not then…
she did it once and for all!
did you see his face that time?
crystal-clean tears were running down.
they were so numerous and fast.
he felt killed with every spray which touched the ground.
i saw his face in the mirror, living ghost it the rest of gl-ss.
and i lost myself, i was trapped because of you.
now i am going away! the walls fell down, vultures are singing the deadman’s song.
i am the lovely orphan sitting on the crescent of the moon.
but my wings have been cut.
i apologise myself i can’t manage to see you!
i can’t imagine, to see all i got!