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14 trapdoors – fvck troy aikman lyrics


swear to god this sh-t gonna work
in one rotation of the earth
about one franklin ten pills are worth
so i duct taped em up in her skirt
f-ck vapin’ them pens don’t work
f-ck troy aikman n fox sports
and chuck norris n the forbes list
and ya girls cl-t, matter fact im on sh-t
u on backwards like chris cross did
forgot ur facebook log in
now u can’t troll or goblin
or whatever type sh-t u talkin’
u just talkin’ n talkin’ n talkin’
and talkin’ ima flip like tony hawk did
i like trap sh-t buy choice
i like boom bap sh-t by choice
i might smoke packs n do raps
til i lose my f-cking voice
you might stand outside of lloyd
for like 30 minutes
to get tortillas w some meet stuffed in it
then throw it up before u finish
cuz u drank too much f-ckin’ guinness

-taco truck chatter-

walked into a hipster trap
where all the weird as b-tches at
and every dude got a winter hat
and tryna pat some kitty cat
get an std then give it back
cuz it’s good to share n show u care
plus eye for an eye is only fair
when it comes to crabs in pubic hair
i’ma go n move my chair to the other side
u f-cked to many other guys
plus u kinda got some thunder thighs
and some type of under bite
so umm goodbye or goodnite
or better yet have a nice life
and no, it’s not cuz i shy
next time i see u n don’t wave high
b-tch u guessed it

yeaa b-tch u guessed it
ya finally leant ya lesson
ya better count ya blessins
ya better off not stressin

yeaa b-tch u guessed it
no more askin questions
and no u ain’t on the guessed list
u best to get to steppin

yeaa b-tch u guessed it
nah i ain’t get ya message
and nah i ain’t ya best friend
matter fact i banged ya best friend

yeaa b-tch u guessed it
u figured out my method
shouldn’t of got so invested
should of just went n left it

yeaa b-tch u guessed it