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14k – grindin’ (remix) lyrics


[verse 1 ]
“14k you got no potential
i can’t wait till you gone
cause we won’t miss you”
words from the haters , that’s n-ggas
that act like b-tches
cause i’m k!lling them
like a menstrual
i stole this beat , so shout out
to whoever made the instrumental
cause i probably won’t mention you

[verse 2]
word man
talking like i’m drunk , i’m swerving
i always had young money like bird-man
so fly like a griffin
the bird is the word man
took her to my house , now she want to hold hands
i treat her like a pole dance when she wanna slow dance
then i cut her off , she like where you go man
got her tripping hard , like she off acid
but she fakes as h-ll , like plastic
thats 3 similes , yeah i do mathematics
and thats four now , so im squaring quadratics
f-ck you mean ?
you know n-ggas can’t read !
can’t read?
im arrogant
me vs them no comparing it
at chess meets with white kids
14k stay prominent
but everyone thought i was incompetent
so i take that as a compliment
700 views for my first song
700 views for my worst song
no wonder why im so confident
no wonder why im so confident
now this girl want to take pictures now
since she banking on me imma empty her out
im acting different now , so listen now
no struggle raps when i’m up to bat
old life never going back
and im talking crazy when i’m on the track
dope fiend spitting hard crack cause you n-ggas wanna feature and i already did that