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14ktherapper – 10 shots lyrics


sub city

[verse 1]
we up in the building
up in the building
i seen no ceilings
i’m one in the million
one in the million
oh what a feeling

i don’t understand how you talking
look at me, n-gga i did it
you on the sideline
its all good man, i get it i get it
i than crossed over the obstacles
i did the mission impossible
i made n0bodies into somebodies
and then i murdered them all
and left all bodies
i swear
yeah now we up in the building
i was thinking a million
but now we talking a billion
i mean
it hasn’t happened it like that
my predictions come true
i swear i can feel it

i was riding around,going to eddies
to put my self on
he helped me with contacts
while you was sitting at home
i’m barely at home
i know i need to come home
from house to house
i swear
i’m on the road
yeah forget the decisions
i had the ambition
its funny how you talk
like you was in my position
you would do some different
you couldn’t nothing different, d-mn

we up in the building
i’m one in the million
the hate it in the air
oh what a feeling

[verse 3]
i’m the only the that can talk about it
and i don’t how understand how you can talk about it
cause i’m the only that know about it
boy why you lying you don’t talk bout it
boy you ain’t real
stop playing uncle phill
when you know that you will!
f-ck the other noise
we just trying to get a deal
i’m the only that know
i go from a chess tournament, right to a show
young kid in the road
i was in the game
while y’all was sitting in the row
they never know
i was cooking up greatness
for a side show
then i shut that sh-t down they was mind blown
loosing all my friends is my mind gone
i got all
yeah i said it
listening to my songs and
you start to regret it
you never get the message
it went right over yah head
now you beheaded
f-ck it
we did downtown
without a budget
(grr) i’m grudging
all this built up anger ,now it got me busting
and it up for a discussion
i was dropping bars while y’all was discussing

yeah you n-gga buss’in
10 shots
20 shots
young n-gga buss’in