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14scars – pop another pill lyrics


(verse 1)
i heard god’s a woman guess that’s why you’re b-tchmade
f-ck a thot i cannot listen to what a b-tch say
d-mn aye
i just found a new wave
b-tches wearing wigs chillin like a toupee yeah
dine and dash i ain’t never pay yeah
i ain’t chef like i’m bobby flay yeah
i’ma whip the pot like a f-ckin’ pro
others say we ballin’ f-ck a thot i’ll never trust a hoe

all of them talkin’ sh-t i hope they see me
the way i flow on this beat make this look easy
yeah, i don’t pop no xans that sh-t just cheesy
i take from another world i just watch species

(verse 2)
now tell me why you rap like this?
why you rap like this?
cuz’ your friends are gone?
i’m flowing on faster sh-t that pastor sh-t
cuz’ im’a pastor’s son
plus that beat i’m faster sh-t go past her
that b-tch is in my song i’ma blow like that white girl off the white now she’s sucking d-ck when all her friends are gone
ion wanna f-ck cuz i don’t
i just want the neck and then smoke my dope
ion wanna use and abuse you
when i’m all alone i think i’ma lose you

ion wanna do this do that
and marijuana it helps me write sh-t
i don’t wanna be alone in the background
i pop pills for my pain but i’m back now