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14wrldwd – fiji lyrics


my neck wet like a water bed
i got features you get left on read
don’t make me have to repeat what i just said
too icy so now i gotta go to bed
no lean
got supreme

you know i came in with the fire
you know i stay clean don’t deny
you know that this beat hot like a fry
i’m 1014 i’ll never die
see you all tatted up
while i got my racks up
skrt skrt in the benz
wait i’m 12 hold up
pneumonia on my wrist
this song made you do a twist
you fishy like a starfish
you want this ice, like boi you wish
sea on my wrist and my waist
messing with me a mistake
now i’m just vibing and chillin
coolin me you a villain
louis v on top gucci
see you faking you too goofy
feeling nice like karuchie
you too sour like some blue cheese