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15 minutes of fame – i wanna get down (wit yo mama) lyrics



hold up, lets be straight with you
i think your mama now is pretty cool
she’s not like any other girl before
she’s all i wanted and even more
so i wanna get down,
so i wanna get down, ugh,
i wanna get down, and naked
i wanna get down, wit yo mom..

verse 1

your mom is all i ever need, i just wanna grope her up and plant my seed
when i’m hungry, she feeds me food and i get that sorta feeling like i had just pood
i just really, really like your mom, when i come over, i just gotta get me some
sorry man, i’m just speaking the truth your mom is the candy, and i got that sweet tooth


verse 2

ya, i remember when i first saw her, sunny day, heat wave, fresh from the border
she was packing your lunch, you were going to school, i was feeling crazy, acting like a fool
but then i, knocked on your door and everything changed, i never knew things in my shorts could ever re-arrange
and from that day, i would never be the same, i was intoxicated by your mama let me explain