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1522 – i can love you lyrics


verse 1

ahhh yeah

ah! my girl
ain’t that what you are ain’t that you always been
i’m settled in and loving you don’t come out as a sin
you look good in royal won’t have me as your king
dance in the rain and let the thunder be the beat

don’t you leave and
sls to the max
you just hoping that this time it’ll last
let my actions do the talking
let’s go all in lets get that bed rocking
you ain’t looking for no fling so i throw a ring in
and your line ain’t the only that i’ll be hitting
this love and peace i offer ain’t the only i’m bringing
taught me how to stay afloat when you saw me sinking
and you give

bragging rights
you ain’t gon slip i’ll hold on to you tight
and since you’ve had your share of heartbreaks i’m avoiding fights
is only fair i give you never had compared to what you had it’s safe to say you that got it bad

and that chapter with my ex
i would’ve closed it sooner had i known that you came next
rightful place is in my heart honey ain’t no guest
and that feeling you’d be mine i had it first took a guess must confess that decision was my best
you got² nothing but good deeds
you like living in the moment who’s gon meet with all you needs?
too much going in this to conceive
see me blossom knowing you the seed
but you’re my²


but you’re my lady
i need that loving i need saving
and babeeh
who’s gon give me love if you don’t?
you’re my lady
bring me the light i’m caving
and babeeh
i can love you i can…