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1522 – notice me lyrics


notice me

verse 1

music is so harmless
in the wrong hands it can move you from the light and into darkness
the vibe that the booth provides is too timeless
you could have yourself figured out,opinions make intentions look heartless
price on the mic every artist is a target
x on every place i’ve been so every time they aim and miss i mark it
add me to your shopping cart if you feel it’s safe i’m on the market

but back to when i started in this sh-t
saw myself being baptised by the music so i went and took a dip
all the time and energy invested by the boy i gave myself a scholarship
they lost faith in the mission i felt them trip
bad remarks about the vision man that’s where they slipped
now i’m the captain of the ship
i’m leaking prophecies, droplet after droplet who be brave enough to catch my drip?
let’s make the trip

ey ey
8am already on the pill
atm is worthy of a k!ll
always walked through the door with nothing more to give
got nothing but myself to offer and she said i love you still
what goes on in mind is nothing but confessions
provide protection for my soul without discretion
am i coming off with wrong impressions?
you reckon there’s another breed of my creation?
who dares touch mic after percy’s session?
no further questions

i’m holding back on myself i hate the feeling
i find it hard to stay content my mind is screaming
but if i gave this mic my all if probably hit the ceiling
but there’s no freedom in the system is a setup
finger tip is on the dream i can’t afford to let up
and music doesn’t have greener gr-ss is just better taken care of
i stay devoted though, cause life without a dime to call mine i’ve had my share of


this is what the world will see
the story of an artist with no honesty
headshot to a n-gga body on street
once the police leave iss reload repeat
so deep eyy

verse 2

but i’m agitated
i can’t walk out as civilian to the public let them see me let them judge me for being late night meditated
i’m reluctant to no progress, i don’t choose to stay on levels that don’t suit me gotta represent i’m all day dedicated

keep momentum building, i can mention one or two with potential but they too opt to choose to be broke and educated
too many rappers not enough of everything else
incomplete stories man anything sells


verse 3

they keep asking if i’m back
haven’t really had a direct answer to that question yes o’yes i’m thinking i’m back
paper’s white, the book of life is written with a ink that’s black
who that alpha that you’ll find ahead of others leading the pack?
iss that prophecy wit all but honesty i go in by myself and come out with a bigger sack
no more secrecy
f-ck death i choose immortality
there’s more to see
how we say we free when we don’t know the meaning of democracy ouuuuuuu
more st–z
run from the law even when they say freeze
don’t give it to her unless she says please
she say she want it now i tell her stay put
i gotta go and check the windows you don’t wanna be the one on top when they start to shoot
do you now
sit down and notice me
sit down and digest this