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16 down – torn lyrics


and these eyes are so true
and at times are so blind
why is it that i will never understand
what or why

and every time i wear this
it reminds me of you why
and the thoughts that you didn’t know
is that i will remember the joy and time spent
and i won’t forget that look you gave
when i walked out from your front door
if you only would have said something
on behalf of me i wouldn’t be so

alone and tired
along comes you
along come this pain and sorrow
and i know
i know it’s not your fault

it’s yours
the skies are grey and i won’t cry
but he did
you come into my life and runaway
it’s not your fault
you didn’t even know
to speak anymore
it just hurts too much

and i want to fly
to fly away
’cause your waiting
would you just hold my hand
’cause they will never know how much
and i love you
and they blew it
it’s so away