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16 down – yawning lyrics


6 a.m. a man stood up beside the bed his head all wet
from a dream he had before
recapitulating, concentrating he killed his love
in her sleep oh no
looking out the bedroom window, some lights shining,
catches his eyes
out there at the g-sstation some men pay no attention
he’s looking outside, too

through his binoculars he sees two men throwing a body
from the back of their pick- up truck
she lay’s down in a pool of blood,
not movin’ at all on the stone cold ground.

yawning, he’s yawning

honey i had a bad dream,
like nothing i ever seen

“please david, would you mind and go back to sleep again”

a 22 caliber gun, he keeps in his locker
a 22 caliber gun, fitting perfectly…
…in this little drawer