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16 – balloon knot lyrics


spinning and falling
i’m lying down but still
i’m falling and can’t stop
moving and twisting
the rooms spinning around
and time won’t stop

sw-ss the gweed
when i want to
proberts still got time
shaved her p-ss
then we burned a few
true sh-gs
ain’t hard to find

dirty mex is the origin
of the smoke you know see
split an ounce with my favorite friend
feel the warmth on one knee


buck has been there for all of us
in many times of need
floating through the enchanted moat
drifting yonder are three
seek the relic of remulak
ur-n-s and beyond
herbal wizard waits for me
we’re getting high at dawn

when i’m near you
i feel instincts
when i’m with you
i think of violence
when i look at you
i curse your soul
when i think of you
i lose control
i lose control