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16 volt – carla’s tarantulas lyrics


so i had a little brunch, lunch

had a few c-cktails?

everything, everything
you know


no not today cause they were a little green by georgetown so we didnt risk it
you have to put them in the oven to ripen
and then when you want the pomegranates and all that other stuff that we bought presidiums
you have to put bananas by your vegetables for your fruits to ripen cause theres a gas that comes off

goes off? it explodes?

goes off the bananas but it actually speeds the ripening process so you know you dont know produce

well, the life cycle of a banana, yeah i mean

you know, you can um get high off the skins, did you ever try that?

really? you smoke the skins?

yeah, i think my brother tried that, no, im kidding,

i never smoked the skins before

no no, it wasnt him but it still the uh, what you have to do is you there is a oil in the skins or something that if you burn it
you know what that was?
you know that banana skins are poisonous?

yeah, might be

you know why?
cause the tarantulas


they do, the tarantulas

from mexico?

dude dont you guys read national geographic around here?

yeah, i used to see the nice pictures of naked black women

uganda, you got it
so anyway, um i had a uganda party over the other day they, still dont know how to put their clothes on
they dont even have zippers nowadays

whos that? the tarantulas?

no, they use banana skins
so anyway, uh theyre slippery, you know so dont ever leave banana peels out because you could slide, like in the air, double toe loop
i just watched ice skating, you guys are psychotic you have like, no idea whats going on in reality

i have no clue whats going on in ice skating

you do too

ice skating?

you have to go home you know, all the mexicans, puerto ricans, blacks, everybody out on the streets right now, i had to go through the heart of little mexico, little puerto rico, little honduras, everything today

howd you like it?

i ruled

you ruled all over the puerto ricans and mexicans?


thats a nice thing

i ruled
you know i put in –unintelligible– tape, you want to hear it?


i dont have it home

you dont have it?

my my my its in my jacket the whole time, ill go get it
sorry, its in the car, cause i went to see if it would work and it didnt cause my how do i fix my

you went to the car that quick?

how do i fix my c-ssette player in the car, thats probably why i didnt mention it, cause thats really important

are you in the car right now?

oh. no.

cell phone?
got the hose in the window?



how do i fix it, do i get tape cleaner or something?

youre drinking tape cleaner?

well put this in, see what this is.. everything i own is really good
thats why –unintelligible–

you rule, everything that you own is great

oh this is live, its fun too, no, its the smashing pumpkins good


this is when they blacked out

this is when they were good, they did lots of smack

thank you

a little accident there. no, you cant tell me that
joe jackson, no

george jetson i didnt know he was in the pumpkins

i didnt know i had this because i must have been sleeping with this tape

is that 16volt you are listening to?

no, hold on, let me fast forward
i fast for. oh, this is the f-ckin radio
this is actually joe jackson
its not being taped
this is good, you wanna hear it?

crank it up

bom bom oh, hes my favorite

joe jackson plays with 16volt?

oh, sorry dude, i gotta listen to joe jackson, i figured youd have a problem with it, but i think you can deal with it

have you ever heard of the band called 16volt?

there was this guy who had a really stupid band

yeah thats him

no, its called sunset and vine but their

sun sun, 16volt?
can you say that for me?

what, okay ill turn it down no, alright, ill put that phone down goodnight

is that your mom?

stop, i just wanted to see something im thats very rude of you i think you are getting a little bit over tired.

h-llo, who was that?

vinnie, shes really great




joe jacksons on
see she wouldnt.. she she was just, her nerves are really bad right now, she had to worry about last weekend

you ever seen a band called 16volt?


turn the f-cking mic off!