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16 volt – everyday everything lyrics


i walk around looking down almost everyday
and look at me less the pain left along the way
less the pride left aside like a yesterday
useless me useless me like a runaway
say you fight me everyday
all your might just burns away
all your hate becomes a tool
blame yourself for what i do
use of me use of me use of everything
left again left again like a tired stain
listen good listen good so its understood
cant forgive cant forgive all the things you did
i am your everyday everything
its in your face as your sentences swim
i see the demons underneath your skin
i see the teeth in the cracking of your smile
i see the black of your eyes in denial
i see the same thing again and again
i see the aftermath of letting you in
i see your evil come without a restraint
i see the nightmares of being awake
you try and beat me down every f-cking day
ive found the way to erase the building pain
i come to get you with revenge on my breath
i come to get you with the lesson of death
i come to get you with the scars and the blood
i come to get you with the intention of god