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1617 goons wear – wise words interlude lyrics


eyo fam, its your goon armiegro here man
first of all special shout out to everyone doing something out there you know
never give up you fam you gonna blow
anyway here is a thing fam, not everyone out there wanna see you make it you know
they don’t wanna see you blow,you know
this world is full of fake -ss people fam, frenemies you dig
but anyway just forget about those with so much hating energy man, just focus on your craft and continue the race on your own lane fam
you know what they say “haters gonna hate and they ain’t gonna stop you know.”
just give them zero percent of your energy fam, hudo luga and tshisa fheli tshi a tula you know
anyway special shout to 1617 goons and another special shout out to you fam
eyo santo you the releast goon ever fam