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16orbetter – episode 19 lyrics


[produced by cartier jones]

[verse 1: scuzz]
i could get used to this
yeah, dreamer
steppin’ out of bx
f-ck around, cut ya down like a v neck
never been a f-ck boy
all i did was never give a f-ck boy, f-ck boy
too strong that altoid, pretty boy swag, i’m so floyd
money machine that green bot, looking like that android
teabaggin’ these hoes, so hot that i’m gone
bad b-tches so wet, couple of them start droolin’ man
swaggin’ up and i’m coolin’, guns cap and i’m zoomin’
money talks i’ll translate, i speak this sh-t so fluent
cash back that wrist spit, euros all in my accent
my writing look like valentine, my lips speak and i’m so rich
i parachute in her pants, hammertime that cl-t
lovin’ that big daddy kane, now she -ss stuck to that d-ck
man i’m blowin’ weed, she blowin’ me, on that dandelion type sh-t
got that golden gun in my clique, so that’s why you talk about [?]
me and golden [?] my clique, look like an outgoin’ new b-tch
faded, gone like houdini all in my piff
and them handcuffed new j’s, she ain’t even breakin’ out
got them chickens on that syrup, syrup like a waffle house
help me get this sh-t straight
k!lled this sh-t and this ain’t even on a mixtape
paperboys, my n-ggas is ridin’ out
on bikes, sellin’ dope, call that sh-t a paper route
blow clouds, what i inhale like motels on that doubletree
evergreen, y’all keep the tumble weeds
and overall i’m over all like dungarees, sixteen ain’t sh-t to a n-gga’s pedigree
yeah we croppers up, three choppas up
blowin’ clouds you can’t see us through the silence
think you golden need protection out the condom talkin’ [?], we accept like a f-ckin’ column now
b-tches on the nuts wanna pay day
have a n-gga turnin’ us, [?] vanilla hoes, crunchy sl-ts
[??], even better, recognize these gold diggers
to them p-ssies you gold liquor, breath smellin’ like cat liter
hard liquor yeah cap it, son, hard liquor, make her c-m
covered her b-tt, glaze that -ss, that’s what i call a honeybun
yeah, so how i leave these hoes
man i just make them squirt cause s-m-n tells
the face where she ’bout, cause that bird goin’ south
tell her act like where she g-ssed ’til that p-ssy gettin’ crashed n-gga
no nickels, straight dimes
that’s flippin’ the digits and b-tches rode mine
my mind’s a gold mine with land mines and you’re blind
and drunk, walkin’ a straight line, shoes are untied
psychic said i’d be a legend just in due time
so who the f-ck am i to say that she’s just lyin’
they molding c-ssius like clay to ali
so i float like a uzi and i sting sub-machine n-gga
it’s scuzz, dreamer, bx

[verse 2: bakko]
yo, it’s your girl bakko
seven colors, clearly faded
let’s get it, jack thriller
call a&e to intervene cause i’m sicker than a dope fiend with slow dreams
but i flow quicker than your whole team
blow smoke cause i go green, mood indigo then i go slow and sweet
i don’t mean codeine, big dreams at sixteen or better yet i’ll make the mic
wetter than umbrellas in some sh-t weather
sick and clever, a b-tch been ill since forever
hidden treasure, that exotic sh-t
a tight grip, nice hips, got the chronic lit
so hypnotic with the hollowness
as hollow as a b-tch with a hollow twist
i’m spittin’ hollow sh-t
[??] when a b-tch spit
gasoline on my lips with the match lit
that cl-ssic, never wack sh-t
i’m spittin’ fire as high as the messiah
i’m spittin’ fire as high as the messiah
make a role with desire
i call it ego rappin’ when you bluffin’ and yappin’ about sh-t that never happened
you need a smackin’ cause you need to quit actin’ and truly lackin’ what you kick grasp is
that you wack b-tch
i’mma have you collaspin’
graspin’ to breathe, askin’ to leave
in the meantime i unleash my dopeness
have you hopeless
i’m heavy and raw like makavelli in awe
and all the scr-p b-tches with claws give them scars
i’m so high i’m on mars i’m seein’ stars
16orbetter, b-tch wetter than a maserati
we gettin’ ladi-dadi
and i’m freestylin’ off the dome tip
don’t give a f-ck if you don’t blow it
yeah, bakko
instagram follow me, shout out to 16orbetter

[verse 3: moeschino]
i’m so new york i had to wear the snapback
i don’t f-ck with the knicks but i rep where i’m at
the swag is rich legacy
i’m always in the banks like i’m f-ckin’ on hilary
bar for bar, y’all n-ggas ain’t f-ckin’ with me
better off singing on stage cause you rnb
and i’m your girl’s favorite rapper and it’s so simple
to have her legs wide open like the jordan symbol
i f-ck b-tches in pairs and make ’em hit the sour
and make ’em both go down like the twin towers
my bro lil’ got the sour sh-t, it’s insane
you smoke reggie since you piffin’ in the airplane
my bars go over your head just like airplanes, ohhh man
i heard somebody gotta bring new york back, but that’s what i’mma do
cause i’m a blueprint, and my bars is illmatic too
so let a n-gga diss me, your boy goin’ in
i’mma turn “u” upside down to see you n
get it, we gon’ see you end
never get a ring in my city, you pat ewing
you wanna start beefin’ that’ll be a mistake
cause the sh-t the lawyer carries, it’ll be a brief case
you think i’m talkin’ ’bout law n-gga, what you thought?
i don’t mean writin’ a ticket when you getting caught
my n-ggas play no games like kids with no systems
they don’t play no games like kids with no systems
speakin’ of systems, i can take your girl, ahk
and i’ll be the new n-gga playin’ with your xbox
i f-cked her so good she couldn’t walk the same
i nicknamed her katrina and brought her a cane
they say moe getting hoes, man it’s nonsense
i get long neck from these birds like an ostrich
fake n-ggas, hatin’ on a grand scale
i ain’t major but my lifestyle is real
and i don’t f-ck with these clowns, i never liked the circus
like we drivin’ in that ford, ya boy stay focused
stay in your lane, they tried to cut me off on purpose
but like kevin i love, i got power to move forward
get it, kevin love, he’s a power forward
but f-ckin’ wants to be hot, n-ggas all for it
this rap game is ridiculous
it take a n-gga like kendrick to make rappers spit real lyrics
but it don’t matter to me
cause when i spit i make b-tches jump like a car with a bad battery
in my hood n-ggas will grill you like a george foreman
and pop you out while you in your hood, trayvon martin
and i’m a fly n-gga, and your b-tch is on it
shorty gave he head in the rain, i called it rain stormin’
cause i was thinkin’ ’bout the bread while i caught the head
gotta show you n-ggas how to be players like uncle fred
ohh you mad your b-tch moved on to the next
she packed up and left, now you a fed ex
lettin’ n-ggas knowin’ these open letters
your b-tch asked to give me head, i told her, open then i let her
it’s moeschino, n-ggas know i’m that n-gga
you can see the star in my eyes, i’m not a jack thriller
ya heard?

[verse 4: ikabod krane]
this is molly music, this is heart race
this is, no car dates
this is learn to switch your license and your license plates
sippin’ lime margaritas on a open [?] case
balmains on the margielas
givenchy jacket for the harsh weather
big buckle ferragamo, f-ck a [?] racist
you cookin’ up crack, had this on your playlist
marshall law and fema camps
young n-gga, hundred blizzies with the visa stamp
in and out seattle like a super sonic
i utah jazzed ’em in salt lake
had to double back up in arizona, but like the phoenix i rose from the ashes
gucci sh-t on, i think i’ll wear it to my casket, on some stack sh-t
here we go again like gwop city
i don’t drink soda but brought some pops with me
n-gga icy on the wrist
but that’s just a little trick i play to watch how you capture sh-t
hockey store like my living room, it’s the relationship
i seen n-ggas lose their morals over vanity, to them i’m on some sp-cey sh-t
like, i’mma hit your phone boy
i come through four door six, equipped with chrome toy
all red, white guts n-gga, like i’m wipin’ cuts
stich n-ggas up, stop the bleedin’
stop the blood clot lies, this is not your season
suffocate fake rappers stop breathin’
asphyxiate from my choke, dock sneakers on
by marc jacob like i’m sailing on a boat
in an all white party, [??], [?]

[outro: jack thriller]
woah, woah!
16orbetter n-gga
hey, tune in every god d-mn monday and friday, 16orbetter
me and the 16orbetter girls
it’s going down man
hey, i’mma see you all in a couple days, boom!