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16raheem – dyin’ breed lyrics


uh, this is not a game
i came here with passion for the rapping and a rocket flame
quarantine been grinding, going crazy, maybe go insane
logic pro the place i made my name cause i put the pain
let it be, it don’t have to sting
i don’t have to sing
i am just a rapper and a poet
let it balance beam
dirty sprite i drink it from a chalice i’m so menacing
honestly you calling it a challenge but i’m settling
this go out to all my f+cking brothers, with no second thought
i’m just manifesting all the music, cause the blessings brought
i grew up on weezy, fl!ck the lighter then i let it rock
if he think it’s funny needle drop into his melon top
ha, yea his melon top
it’s so crazy, ain’t it crazy how far i done came
to be frank, i’m out the ocean with the novacane
what that mean+ the wavy flows the way that i can numb the pain
we get in the building going crazy get it jumping, man
bill russell 10 times, that’s like 100 rings
rest in peace to pop smoke, dedicate it to his name
and rip to drew remember days back at the y we played
1 on 1 until they kicked us out at 8 it was so late
and mike too, tryna be lebron of the rap game and mike too
how many days i ain’t sleeping just to find a beat to write to
me and deon on the late night grind, that’s type 2
we try to
love my fam and life too
sorry i was busy i ain’t get a chance to write you
hope that all is well and i’m seeing that you might do
music in the future and it’s sounding like you nice too
i never expected you to take this path
but lately rap been crowded up, so take a class
to help you maybe make it fast
and you can have a second option if you never make it past
and never hold back on any ideas never brakes just gas
past cause these people wanna fake it but you realer you
a dyin’ breed so make it last
dyin’ breed i make it last
raise your hand if you ever rapped
because you loved it and it’s never for the money grab
they just want some clout, and a reason just to hate yo ass
i promise they be hollywood the realest never flake at last (not me)
all i do is put gas in my engine when they say it’s wack
i swear i was goated back in the first day just take me back
r.i.p. to nipsey treat this sh+t like a victory lap