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16raheem – echo longer lyrics


[verse: 16raheem & wodiene]

everybody bout to ketchup
i’m sure your honey must heard
i think i’m condiment for this
i’m flying over heads, crop dusters
clean the green off call me crop duster
from the same city as dave, no buster
swear i would make it in this music
nothing could stop me not even lockjaw
i put that on everything like it’s hot sauce
rocking a pullover i ain’t talking bout no cop car
refining all my sk!lls like i know where my hotspots are
we got the connection like we know where the hot spots are
he done lost his mind like a drop top car
we’re tryna get your likes comments and sends
like a half grown instagram crop+top star
break a n+gga like some glass we’ll pop that jar
we k!ll with the words it’s a rated r dictionary
we carry something scary, ready to give you impaired feet
aiming for the spinal can’t slow down like i’m lionel
if you wanted beef get it cracklin like a vinyl
jumping head first doing damage like a rhino
they know what’s up when i come round like green day
i just brought a towel like i’m tryna go on the beach day
canceling the season i’m bout to hop on some 2k
it’s me and the beat just call me l l cool jay
baker, baker, i’ll make a souffle
he said he keep a strap on i said ‘you g+y’
but it’s cool cause i’m a man for the people
tommorow and today
bagged him, he in a suitcase
treated him like and android and gave him blue stains
it’s a cool day when you wake up without a roommate
i’m eating messy k!lling games from every media
said i’m full think it’s time to get a new plate
it’s goin up like the club on a tuesday
i’m in my zone like it’s defense in the 2+3
there’s a different from what ill say and what you say
she think i’m 7th on birds she think i’m dulce
mud and sour like we mixing up the track
like we holding up the store what we putting to his gap
curve ball at ya head this is life getting hard
you was playing blackjack, you was bleeding with the cards
i done made a lot of memories before the cemetery
there’s a lot more to be made
like the ones where i get paid
yeah he kobe with fade
talking kobe, he a great
i’m a great, cutting through the cheese like a grate
they listen when i talk i ain’t even wearing a kufi
we like hobbes and shaw and i ain’t even see the movie
you eating 2 piece that’s junior size
bodies drop like tears and there’s 2 to ya eyes
come to the 312 try and tutor these guys
new disguise is dis guy who be knowing da skies
i’m a real wise man
i’ve been called a wise guy
told em patience was a virtue what can k!ll
will not hurt you
you gotta wait for good things when you talking bout this life
i said patience is a virtue they said you’re a fool, bye
cause i’m the type of guy who likes watching wet paint dry
the birds out the cage i will let things fly
not going for the bullsh+t won’t let things fly
he tryna grab the mic but he can’t reach high
if we speak french then you get fried
and you get toasted cause we stay posted
all these wack rappers dressing in a jim crowe fit