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16raheem – royalty lyrics


[verse 1: 16raheem]

still got goals that i’m in between
i been out the country, never been in a limousine
they masked up in the street
ut look like it’s halloween
uused to be teen nick, now my generation really nicotine
(the f+ck?)
y’all tweakin’ and buggin’ out
i’m chilling on a friday tweakin’ and buggin’ out
only disease i know about is, searching for the clout
preaching to a choir, speaking to a crowd
if you playing games leaking something out
that’s a different story
call it quarantine call it laboratory
k!lling beats like it’s mandatory
then i kick it to the purgatory
treat the honda like a lamborghini
getting money getting fettuccine
in the shadows you will never see me
making magic they call me houdini
this sh+t is easy it feel like they handing me rings
they know they a fan of the king
i keep a k like the bottom of fantasy teams
i promise the damage is mean
laser is heavy i can’t even balance the beam
catch bodies we drilling like team
i got em shook like my name is hakeem
royalty feel like my name is akeem

[verse 2: anchnt]

memories chillin like in 3rd grade
government sent me a check
imma spend it on burberry
tracy mcgrady
i’m balling with ice on my neck
gotta get up on my rep
i ain’t really f+ckin with rec
pivot flow like i’m saba
livin like hakuna matata
i’m blessed
it’s more than music it’s ambiance
eyes to the sky like ramadan
bro so fly i ain’t coming down
got no floor no bottom line
switch it like nintendo
b+tches sacramento
thought u were sl!ck
b+tch i
read u like kindle
this sh+t off the mental
block shot wendell
i’m better under pressure like the diamonds on my dental
go in it’s the kid with the backpack
schmacked like that in the back of a cadillac back on back
nah i’m just playin
i’m just playin nah
i ain’t done yet
shorty got curves like a funyon
k!llin this function
on god if i don’t my stereo might
hold ur stereotypes
i don’t want no assumption
meditate one legged like duncan
gotta stay packed like luncheon
anchnt makes bops like drunken sailor
i tailor my bars like kingsmen
bar for bar we the kings man
i’ll f+ck u up like a caiman
and sent u back where u came from
i’m going back to the angels
have a chat with the gabriel
told him what’s up my guy i’m home