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16thflavor – potential lyrics


rapping up them goals like it’s pro clubs
i don’t stop til i’m done
link up with your baby momma, cause that’s the sh+t that’s fun
round two cause i still wanna f+ck
i only f+ck b+tches with a tummy tuck
if that b+tch got no tummy tuck
then that outta luck
pure l+st, got her face looking stupid dumb
okay, here we go…
went back to her yard
i took it too far now, she got me real hard
she wanna make me cum, now this a start
she sent me her nudes and i sent her back a heart
i f+ck with her with some pop tarts
my verse go real f+cking hard

woken adlib:
it’s esgarinho
just a lil preview
ddmc sh+t!
ayo flavor pull em’ up!

16thflavor adlib:
dis foo!

hey it’s esgar i need some led to writе this sh+t
yea now i need a pen gotta do it on my own
all the sh+t been going thru my hеad making big moves constantly
you already know how the story goes
got my squad with me backing me up like a striker
and imma strike em out like an umpire
imma build myself a f+cking empire look
my life story is in the makin
going thru ideas in my head it’s mine for the takin
the ddmc boys comin back to back with hits like its ovo
yea we be runnin the city
we be runnin the whole world