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16volt – at the end lyrics


i sit back and watch you go by meclaw for your important place in societymoney prestige fame and f-ckin’ gloryeverywhere you look it’s the same old storyanythinf goes if you’ve got a lot of moneyeveryone’s a comic but nothing very funnymost of all we talk about miseryignore the past and forget about history
shut up, sow down get out of my face
i watch all your little dreams vanis wothout a traceand criticize sh-t you don’t try to understand
i’m trying not to giggle at your silly demands
i go to the zoo and stare at the animalswalk downtown and check out the cannibalsall dressed up and decorated
i wonder if the animals really love their cages? there you sit isolatedhiding away from the things that you hatedhypnotized; mind so seatedmedia made my mind so afraid andthat’s ok it’s better that way
i wonder if the game’s on tv today? we’re all fenced in; incarcerated
i wonder if the animals really love theri cages?