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16volt – the carrion lyrics


a million miles from anyone, a million miles away,
i am alone, the carrion, the animal decayed
i’m like a solan plunging into the darkest depths of the
i’m shrouded out by soft grey ash – all of it made up by

freezing and burning i’m falling and turning, rushing and
twirling, stirring, converting
slowly unfurling, i’m constantly swerving – slumbering
down without any preserving
overly nerving, abstracting, differing, i’m only reacting
to what i’m deserving
the carrion

looked down upon by a million dead stars hanging above
and between
tiny veils of filmy light, darkened and jilted by sheen
forsaken highs where i once thrived, clouded and hard to
it’s hard to untie and i won’t deny all of it’s made up
by me

ashes rain down from the sky
choking out all of the life

the world versus me