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17 letters – bleed lyrics


words like knives
watch me bleed
stick it in
we’ll see how deep

feel my heartbeat
in my chest
cut me open
let’s undress

this is how you show to me
everything i’m wondering
stick the knife in twist it now
let me loose i’m crazy now

this is how you show to me
everything i’m wondering
stick the knife in twist it now
let me loose i’m crazy now

tear my body limb from limb
i’m a subject to your whim
call me up and i say when
i still need you, i can’t win

cause i f#cking love it when i bleed
feel it drip into my t##th
need to have you close to me
you are my dependency

pull my hair and tear my shirt
need somebody to make me hurt
dig your nails into my back
i don’t care if i’m intact

waste all day trying to call your phone
no i know i can’t be alone
hold onto you until we’re done
i know i’m the crazy one