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17azael – lover lyrics


it’s tough loving you
tell me what to do
one day you’re mine then the next day we’re through
i don’t know what you need from me
too real for the maybelline

too real to play with you and i don’t know if you’re feelin’ me
no lie i’m down for you and i don’t know if you’re playing me
take you to sp-ce and we flying right to the moon
don’t lie i’m losing you
feel like i’m losing you
losing my mind i feel like i’m a fool to you
thinkin’ ’bout things that i know i could do for you
but it’s cool
i’m off the drugs
i need your kisses and hugs
no time for the waiting i just need your love

don’t know what to say
when you’re around, yeah, my mind is in sp-ce
i need you to stay
bae you can crash at my place, just tell me the day, the time or the state
oh s’il vous plait, just meet me at eight
i’m feeling in love, with you today
i want you forever just bae do not play

[verse 2]
they broke your heart but with me girl you’re straight
i want this forever i feel like i’m drake
i’m cutting the gr-ss
rid of the snakes
i hope i’m not late for the games you do play
you say i’m the one
i don’t see the same
tell me how you feel for me
tell me you ain’t leavin’ me
let me know right now, yeah
got you on my mind, yeah
i know i waste my time, yeah
my love for you a crime, yeah

[ hook ]
i just might pop a xan, yeah
i need you holdin’ hands, yeah
i need you in my arms bae, yeah
forever out of harms way, yeah
i just might pop a xan, yeah

need to forget you
i need to just let you
i need to just let you
i need to just let you
go, go, go