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17psyche – curse these walls lyrics


f+ck these nights
i’m bored
yeah, yeah (oh yeah)
so curse these walls (god d+mn)
f+ck these nights
i’m bored
yeah, yeah (god d+mn)
so curse these walls (oh yeah)

[verse 1]
these walls are caving in all around me (round me)
never again will i sleep soundly (soundly)
see me on the ground
tell the voices don’t surround me (round me)
profoundly (profoundly)
i cross all my boundaries
tomorrow, mind will be cloudy (cloudy)
circle of life like a wedding ring (wedding ring)
i can hear the silence in my ears and its deafening (deafening)
unsettling, threatening (threatening)
talking to an entity (entity)
never stop your questioning (questioning)
i let lose my identity
i’m in ecstasy

[verse 2]