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18 miles – hollow lyrics


one group one heart, we feel every pulse

we have always been there
been here for you
to catch you from falling
time and time again
you’ve had so many chances
and everytime we’ve let you in
all i see is disrespect
you don’t deserve this friendship
you only know what you had when it’s gone

we stand strong
with or without you
can’t you see the mess you made
that’s taking all of us?
fake b-tch you have no heart
finally for everyone to see
that you don’t care about your friends
breaking trust is breaking hearts

youʼre f-cking hollow
my lessons learned, i won’t trust you again

i hope you rot in your std’s
just f-cking choke on all your cruelties
your apologies don’t mean sh-t
you’d do it over again, f-cking hypocrite
we’ll stand strong
weʼre better of without you
better off without you f-cking snake
your life was a f-cking mistake

fake b-tch you’re left alone
none of us will ever fall again for your lies
i donʼt care if you learned your lesson
f-cking filth you’re not part of us anymore