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18 over par – nothin’ much lyrics


i’ve heard all that you’ve been saying
it wasn’t very nice
i don’t think i deserve
to be called the names that i’ve been called
i didn’t want to do it
this is not my fault
i’ve been here before
and i don’t like the things you said

and i guess i don’t have a chance
of gettin’ back with you
but i don’t think i really want to now
you did those things you wanted to.
i don’t care if you hate me now
because you know i don’t like you
that is just the childish thing to do

and i don’t care what they’ve been saying
you know that it’s not true
all i want is one more chance
to prove myself to you
i don’t really care now
if you don’t think i’m cool
all i need is one more chat
to show you that you i rule


and i don’t really care what i have to do now
just as long as it doesn’t incorporate you
and i don’t really care what i have to do now
as long as i get through