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18 plus – dry lyrics


brrrr snap
brrrr snap
brrrr snap
(baltic, mura masa)

time on my side
i was washing it into
warm water, gonna flap you up too
a sticker fade on your back it’s blue
i say “down, down, honey, where we coming through”

hot shot, waiting for his time to show (proof)
hey, i’m an arrogant fool for you (truth)
how you gonna make the juice from a pulp?
when you mash it up and you shove it in my mouth

brrrr snap

brrrr, fade away, you want me to stay?
where’s your check when i deposit it?
where we going? when you’ll be stormin’?
brrrr snap

brrrr snap

running from a gun
or something that weigh a ton
i could tell that you’d be fun
sittin, sippin kahlúa
throw my keys up in your palm
baby, i could be the one
we could fertilise your lawn
make me put it in the song b-tch

i’m the type to choose
lay you face down, we begin to bruise
too true, i’m something new
cold blood love got shit to prove


brrrr! as you shot me down
brrrr! as he falls to the ground
brrrr! and the system is snowing
brrrr! oh baby, are you growing?

i can get it lit
anti savor chick
play you and then quit
love her fetish, frisk
call it risky biz’
wait, i’ll pimp this shit
brrrr snap

it’s my time on front line
on the stage, i sip wine
there’s no truth, except mine
some palm trees and sunshine

“how’d he do that?”
speaker gon’ crack
i’m the reason, she’s in season
bring, change, back…


now she pound the floor
tie her too tight
now we beg for more
love your undertow
tight grip features and she loves the flow