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18 plus – glow lyrics


poor little me, i said, “you’re there?”
“i, i am you and i don’t care”
pour all your body on my lips, and i let you go
you are my mango and i put you into mexico

because i wanna put you in the sun and the beach
and you’re up on my peach, and i know it, i know it
and i taste you on my tongue
and you’re mighty hot and i put you in a pot
and i l1ck you and i touch you
and i show you everything you wanna know

take it up
you take it up to every mountain top you wanna see
and then you know you want to show
and you’re beautiful, i’ll put you down
i’ll put you in my little bed, i’ll put you under sheets
and then you glow glow glow glow glow

you glow and you rock n’ roll
you rock, you rock, you rock it till i drop
you rock n’ roll
you rock, you rock, you rock until i fall

no effects on your body and the roll
and the person that you play
and you really mighty mighty, go slow
and then you fold your legs, you’ve fallen on your back
and you tell me where you want it
and you say you want it “so, so, so”

and then you dive, you dive like a hill
and you jump into my mouth, and you wander to and fro
and then you pout, you pout your mouth
you l1ck it and you want, you want me to and fro
and i say, let’s go