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18:19 // воркшоп – jarrett wargoggles diss track (fuck jarrett / fuse 44) lyrics


[intro: grande tomate]
man, you ever met a motherf+cker named jarrett bro? (h+ll no!)
h+ll no, bro i swear to god i ain’t ever met a motherf+cker bro
he stopped the whole party, looked me dead in the face, go
“ay, yo, i lost the loud”

who does that? (who?)

[verse 1: 1819]
drinkin’ p+ss, it’s wargoggles
f+ckin’ wh0res but never models (slatt)
first he sucks, and then he swallows
and his mom is then to follow (slime)

p+ssy boy up in a ‘rolla
brick ass phone, no motorola (uh)
crack head hoes up in his aura (yuh)
dumbest fool in all aurora

[verse 2: eli]
i was going ’bout my way
walkin’, smokin’ perfect, ay
smokin’ on that purplе haze
that’s when i met this mothеrf+cker jarrett

lookin’ like a f+ckin’ ferret (f+ckin’ ferret)
couldn’t make it to the barracks, f+ckin’ loser i’m not empathetic
motherf+cker’s weed is basic (what?)
don’t need that sh+t, he face it (yuh)
stupid motherf+cker racist, all his b+tches basic
all he do is sit and m+st+rbate, he’ll never sit up in a wraith
he needs salvation
he still menstruatin’

[breakdown: lil refry]
you’re a f+ggot!
you’re a f+ggot!
you’re a f+ggot! (yuh)
uuuuhhhhhhh (on god)
you’re a f+ggot!

[verse 3: jarrett wargoggles]
f+ck jart, sweet as a pop tart (what?)
21 savage, no heart (twenty+one!)

b+tch i’m in the street, tear you apart
it’s heart to heart talk that i can’t have
b+tches bad, hoes is mad
n+ggas actually in trinidad

getting s+x change
capitol, these n+ggas lame
i got the fame, i’m in victory lane
and in the nascar race, ay
b+tches tryna hate, ay
can’t keep up with my pace
b+tches on my mysp+ce
get the f+ck out my face (drinks p+ss!)

hoes up in my new place, this a two bedroom
i just copped a bag of shrooms from the balcony, fool!

[verse 4: lil refry]
all you drink is p+ss, boy
lookin’ like a f+ckboy (f+ckboy)
you collect s+x toys
throw you in the trunk and (uh+huh)

you better not make noise
put my hand on your throat and your
g+y ass made a s+x noise (s+x noise)

got no hoes, no money
you a lil sad boy
matter fact, you owe me money, f+ck boy
(seventy dollars!)

[breakdown: lil refry]
f+ck you jarrett
you’re a f+cking d+ck
you can suck my d+ck
f+ck a one peice, keep three blades on me like i’m zoro
four hoes in the four door scr+pin’ frame
f+ck+ f+ck a one peice, keep three blades on me like i’m zoro
four hoes in the four door scr+pin’ frame